Other Low Temperature Dryer - Belt Type

Belt type dryer can run continuously and productively. 25-75 °C drying temperature makes it suitable for drying various materials. It features as weather-proof, good drying quality, energy saving more than 40% due to leading heat pump dehumidification technology, free from boiler and burning coal, easy to use and hygienic, fully automatic PLC + touch screen control, easy operation and management.

Layout of drying zone:

Belt, single layer or multiple layers


Auxiliary equipment:

according to project details 

Applications: Suitable for the scenario where large amount of stuff is to be dried and highly automated operation is prefered. Drying materials include garlic, pumpkin, carrot, konjac, yam, bamboo shoots, horseradish, onion, apple, rice, feed, biological protein, chemical raw materials, dehydrated vegetables, seaweed, shrimp, egg yolk, seafood, edible fungi, pistachios, figs,snack foods etc.


Operation Mode: continuous drying 

Drying process: as per drying properties of stuff

Capacity (water removal): 600-50000kg/day

Drying temperature: 15-70 (multi-stage control available)

Energy efficiency: 2.5-3.5kg H2O/kWh

There are 2 types and 10 sub-models in total., 2 types are 16-ton and 32-ton triple cooling. Type 16-ton has 4 derivative sub-models; Type 32-ton triple cooling has 6 derivative sub-models.


Model PCO16-N PCO32A-N
Type heat pump
Module number N 1~4 3,4,5,6,8,10
Mositure removal within 24hrs (tons) 1.8 x N 4.0 x N
Mositure removal per hour (kg) ~75 x N ~166 x N
Power (kW) 30 x N 57.4 x N + 6.3
Belt layers 3 3
Power specs 3-phase 380V(60Hz)
Drying temperature(°C) 25-45°C / 40-75°C
Functions dehumidification, moisture exhausting, heating, air cooling, air exhausting cooling
Outline Dim(Width, mm) 1900+2600*N 1900+3000*N
Outline Dim(Depth, mm) 3700 4800
Outline Dim(Height, mm) 3620 4250