Belt Type Sludge Low Temperature Dryer

A combination of dehumidifier heat pump and sludge belt conveyor, with compact design and small footprint. Able to run continuously with sludge feeding and discharging systems. Equipped with PLC control and friendly HMI, the machine can be almost left unattended and thus a lot of manpower are saved. Enclosed operation prevents odor escaping. Daily drying capacity ranges from 900kg to 81 tons of standard wet sludge.

Layout of drying zone:

Belt type

Auxiliary equipment

wet sludge Feeder, wet sludge hopper, 

sludge anti-clog device, sludge slitting machine, 

dry sludge discharger, dry sludge hopper, 

cooling tower, cooling control cabinet 

Optional auxiliary equipment:

screw sludge dewatering machine.

Operation Mode:

Continuous drying  (capacity: water 600-54000kg/day)

Applicable dewatering method:

decanter, press filter, belt filter, screw press etc

Sludge Data:
moisture content before dewater: 95% ~99.8%
moisture content before drying: 83%-70% 
moisture content after drying : 40% -10% adjustable

Energy efficiency: 3-5kg H2O/kWh


Sludge takes about 1~3 hours to be dried. Suitable for organic sludge.

There are 4 models of belt type sludge dryer, i.e., 5-ton, 9-ton, 19-ton, 35-ton units.  3 submodels are derived from model 19-ton, 6 submodels are derived from 35-ton units each. So in total there are 4 models and 11 submodels of belt type sludge dryers. 


Model PCS5 PCS9 PCS19-N PCS35-N
Sub-type Heat Pump Type
Modules (N) 1 1 1~3 2~6
Weight of Standard wet sludge within 24hrs*(tons) 0.9 1.5 3.6 x N 8.6 x N
Water removal capacity within 24hrs*(tons) 0.6 1.0 2.4 x N 4.3 x N
Water removal capacity per hour*(kg) ~25 ~45 ~100 x N ~180 x N
Installed power (kW) 12 22 42 x N 71 x N
Power 3-phase 380V(60Hz)
Drying hot air temperature 65-80 65-80 65-80 65-80
Return wet air temperature 48-56 48-56 48-56 48-56
Moisture content of dried sludge 10-60% 10-60% 10-60% 10-60%
Size (Width,mm) 2650 3500 1400+2700*N 1550+3250*N
Size (Depth,mm) 1300 1300 2140 3060
Size(Height,mm) 1850 2350


(excluding slitter height)


(excluding slitter height)

Machine Weight(tons) 1.5 2 ~ Water removal capacity within 24hrs x k+0.9 ~ Water removal capacity within 24hrs x k+2.7
Weight factor k     1.00 0.74